The War on the Poor

A Defense Manual

An incisive look at poverty in this country

“This terrific compendium fully refutes every fathead, right-wing assertion you’ve ever heard about why poverty should be blamed on the poor.” —Molly Ivins

The War on the Poor counters attacks on the poor in the same lively, accessible style that made The New Field Guide to the U.S. Economy a cult classic. Using charts, graphs, and political cartoons, The War on the Poor presents topics including middle-class welfare, “family” values, child support, teen poverty, the minimum wage, the underclass, orphanages, health, hunger, corporate welfare, block grants, private charity, work requirements, and incentives. It includes a comprehensive resource list of addresses and phone numbers of activist groups, lobbying organizations, information sources, and media contacts.

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New Press author Nancy Folbre to be recognized by the National Employment Law Project

On April 30, the National Employment Law Project (NELP) will honor economist and writer Nancy Folbre, U.S.

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