The Voice of Memory

Interviews, 1961–1987

The Holocaust survivor, writer, and scientist Primo Levi, in his own words

“Deeply satisfying . . . strikingly illuminating.” —The New York Times Book Review

In a book John Leonard calls “remarkable” and Michael Ignatieff describes as “invaluable,” The Voice of Memory collects thirty-six interviews with bestselling author Primo Levi—many of them completely new to English-speaking readers. This book reveals a varied and complex picture of the acclaimed writer, encompassing Levi the Holocaust witness, the writer, the chemist, the mountain climber, the intellectual, the political polemicist, the atheist, and the Jew.

Hailed by David Denby as “one of the outstandingly beautiful and moving writers of our time,” Levi emerges here in a rich, contradictory, and essentially human light. His status as perhaps the most important of the survivor-writers of the Holocaust is enhanced still further by his many voices speaking in this remarkable book.

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