The True Cost of Conflict

Seven Recent Wars and Their Effects on Society
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The True Cost of Conflict is the first book to show in clear and accessible terms the vast price of conflict to the human race. The result of a unique collaboration among six international humanitarian organizations, this book reveals not only the number of deaths and injuries resulting from war, but also the less-publicized consequences, such as the extreme economic damage incurred by both the participants and other communities, the dire social and developmental damage, and the environmental damage, which are often ignored in calculating the ravages of war.

The seven conflicts examined in detail are:

  • The Gulf War
  • Indonesia’s invasion of East Timor
  • The civil war in Mozambique
  • The civil war in Sudan
  • The guerilla war in Peru
  • The struggle for independence in Kashmir
  • The war in the former Yugoslavia
  • By laying bare the true cost of conflict, this book adds an essential new perspective to debates on national security, and asks who, if anyone, really benefits from war. Finally, it considers the effects of current approaches to conflict management and prevention.


    “The importance of The True Cost of Conflict is in showing that [the use of arms] is not only a brutal cost to immediate victims, but to their societies. . . . This economic evidence can help the moral purpose of finding a solution to this wasteful destruction.”
    —David Bryer, director of Oxfam

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