The Sylvia Chronicles

30 Years of Graphic Misbehavior from Reagan to Obama

Three decades of questionable American fashions, relationships, and politics—as seen through the eyes of one of our most beloved comic characters

“Sylvia—that hard-drinking, chain-smoking, wisecracking dame whose voice, one imagines, would be as coarse as the wild hair she tames with her trademark scarf.” —People

Since drawing her first Sylvia strip in 1979, the nationally syndicated cartoonist Nicole Hollander has channeled her ascerbic wit and razor-sharp sensibilities through the incomparable and irascible Sylvia, a Chicago original whose hilarious commentary on American life has won over millions of loyal readers. Self-appointed pundit (on issues that range from health care reform to caffeinated beverages), cat lover, and ardent feminist, Sylvia has provided America with a much-needed weekly dose of political and personal sanity.

The Sylvia Chronicles presents Sylvia’s singular take on contemporary politics, from the early days of Reagan to the latter days of Palin. Along the way, she takes on subjects as varied as the hazards of allowing death row convicts a last smoke, an imaginary exchange with Donald Rumsfeld’s younger brother, and the dangers of texting while driving an SUV and reaching across the seat for a Snickers bar—recording not only the most memorable, and memorably outrageous, events of the past three decades, but also the often-overlooked absurdities of our daily lives.

Charting thirty years of fashion, food, sexual mores, and political hypocrisy The Sylvia Chronicles is nothing less than a jaded history of our times.

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