Art, Spectacle, Cultural Politics

“A valuable contribution to current art criticism.” —New Art Examiner

For the past few decades Hal Foster’s critical gaze has encompassed the increasingly complex machinery of the culture industry. His observations push the boundaries of cultural criticism to establish a vantage point from which the seemingly disparate agendas of artists, patrons, and critics have a telling coherence. Recodings has become the classic “primer in poststructuralist debate” (Village Voice). The essays present a constellation of concerns about the limits and myths of postmodernism, the uses and abuses of historicism, the connections of recent art and architecture with media spectacle and institutional power, and the transformations of the avant garde and of cultural politics generally.


Books by Hal Foster

Vision and Visuality
Discussions in Contemporary Culture #2

Hal Foster

The Anti-Aesthetic
Essays on Postmodern Culture

Hal Foster

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