Power Lines

Building a Labor–Climate Justice Movement

The essential anthology on the most effective ways to organize those who are working in the clean energy economy, from leading organizers in the field

The climate and labor movements have long been pitted against each other through a “jobs vs. the environment” narrative that benefits only the corporate elite. And for too long, the labor movement has played along, prioritizing any good jobs at the expense of necessary climate protections. Now, workers in the renewable energy field are organizing an exciting new “labor–climate justice movement.”

Featuring contributions from key organizers in climate justice and labor in conjunction with the Center for Popular Democracy and The Forge, Power Lines tackles the most pressing questions facing those who are trying to build a labor movement for environmental justice and to organize workers for a just transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Providing both practical organizing models and strategies and inspiration for the possibility of making change on climate, the collection moves beyond an analysis of the class politics of climate change and the strategic imperative of federal climate legislation, to make a case for the urgency of a robust labor–climate justice movement—and to show how we can build it through an examination of the most creative and effective organizing happening on the ground right now.

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