Over Exposed

Essays on Contemporary Photography
Edited by:

Renowned photographers and critics address the major controversies in photography today

“Recent photographic criticism at its best: combative, probing, challenging.” —Alan Trachtenberg

In recent years, photographic images have been blamed for everything from heroin chic and meaningless politics to women’s distorted body images and the death of Princess Diana. In Over Exposed, a group of distinguished photographers, critics, and cultural historians examine the many roles of photography in contemporary western culture, covering questions about representation, sexual politics, public policy, and cultural activism.

Taking up where her widely praised first collection, The Critical Image, left off, Carol Squiers, senior editor of American Photo, collects writing on the most important issues in contemporary photography including those raised by the new digital photography and the Web.

Contributors include:

  • Geoffrey Batchen
  • Deborah Bright
  • Victor Burgin
  • Rosalyn Deutsche
  • Timothy Druckrey
  • Jan Zita Grover
  • Andy Grundberg
  • Therese Harlan
  • Silvia Kolbowski
  • Rosalind Krauss
  • Kobena Mercer
  • Christian Metz
  • Kathy Myers
  • Griselda Pollock
  • Abigail Solomon-Godeau
  • Carol Squiers


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