Organized Money

How Progressives Can Leverage the Financial System to Work for Them, Not Against Them

Two leading figures from the world of finance show how progressives can take their money away from conservative financial institutions and put it to good, lasting social use

“Remoralizing and resocializing the market is the great project of the moment. The crucial question is not: How can we have a good economy? It’s: How can we have a good society?” —David Brooks, The New York Times

The U.S. financial system is a source of enormous conservative power. Yet most progressive people and organizations trust it with their money and so, in essence, help fund their conservative opposition.

This has to end. Until progressives achieve a financial system that works for them, not against them, they will never sustain their gains let alone achieve their goals of racial equity and social justice, reversing climate change, economic inclusion, labor rights, voting rights, and more.

Written for the general reader as well as those with a deeper knowledge of finance, Organized Money is a manual that shows progressives how to build a new people-focused financial system. Rejecting conservative “market fundamentalism” as a greedy distortion of the financial system that our nation’s founders, led by Alexander Hamilton, created, the authors call for a “financial systems literacy” campaign and detail a ten-year organizing effort to raise capital from impact investors, socially responsible investors, philanthropists, and other progressive investors to disrupt classical conservative finance.

Organized Money warns that the next progressive era will fall short and allow conservatives to win again, unless progressives organize money. Its call to action is a ten-year, $1 trillion campaign in support of socially conscious financial power. And it delivers a strategy to win.