One World or None

A Report to the Public on the Full Meaning of the Atomic Bomb

A timely reissue of a 1946 New York Times bestseller, in which the world’s leading nuclear scientists (including five Nobel laureates) warn of the dangers of a nuclear world

“An illuminating, powerful, threatening and hopeful statement which will clarify a lot of confused thinking about atomic energy.” —The New York Herald Tribune Book Review, March 17, 1946

In 1946, just months after atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the scientists who had developed nuclear technology came together to express their concerns and thoughts about the nuclear age they had unleashed. In a small, urgent book of essays, legends including Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, and Robert Oppenheimer try to help readers understand the magnitude of their scientific breakthrough, fret openly about the implications for world policy, and caution, in the words of Nobel Prize–winning chemist Harold C. Urey, that “There Is No Defense.”

The original edition of One World or None sold 100,000 copies and was a New York Times bestseller. Today, with the nuclear issue front and center once more, the book is as timely as ever.


  • H.H. Arnold
  • Niels Bohr
  • Arthur H. Compton
  • E.U. Condon
  • Albert Einstein
  • The Federation of American (Atomic) Scientists
  • Irving Langmuir
  • Walter Lippmann
  • Philip Morrison
  • J.R. Oppenheimer
  • Richard Rhodes
  • Louis N. Ridenour
  • Frederick Seitz and Hans Bethe
  • Harlow Shapley
  • Leo Szilard
  • Harold Urey
  • Eugene P. Wigner
  • Gale Young

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