On Language

Chomsky’s Classic Works Language and Responsibility and Reflections on Language

Two of Chomsky’s most famous and accessible works available in an affordable and attractive new paperback edition

“The clarity of presentation at times approaches that of Bertrand Russell in his political and more popular philosophical essays.” —Contemporary Psychology

Described by the New York Times as “arguably the most important intellectual alive,” Noam Chomsky is known throughout the world for his highly influential writings on language and politics. Featuring two of Chomsky’s most popular and enduring books in one omnibus volume, On Language contains some of the noted linguist and political critic’s most informal and accessible work to date, making it an ideal introduction to his thought.

In Part I, Language and Responsibility (1979), Chomsky presents a fascinating self-portrait of his political, moral, and linguistic thinking through a series of interviews with Mitsou Ronat, the noted French linguist. In Part II, Reflections on Language (1975), Chomsky explores the more general implications of the study of language and offers incisive analyses of the controversies among psychologists, philosophers, and linguists over fundamental questions of language.


Language and Responsibility is a well-organized, clearly written, and comprehensive introduction to Chomsky’s thought.”
The New York Times Book Review
Reflections on Language is profoundly satisfying and impressive. It is the clearest and most developed account of [Chomsky’s] case.”
—Patrick Flanagan

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