On the Beaten Track

Tourism, Art, and Place

A critical look at tourism and nostalgia from the bestselling author of Mixed Blessings

“It is Lippard’s long experience seeing—that is, looking at art—that enables her to take on our vacation-time activities with such a keen acuity. . . . She exposes how we create what we see . . . and how what we see creates us.” —San Francisco Bay Guardian

In this “excellent” (The Baltimore Sun) book, Lucy R. Lippard weaves together cultural criticism, anthropology, and community activism for an in-depth look at how tourism sites are conceived and represented, and how they affect the places they transform. Critic Andrew Ross calls Lippard “the most surefooted tour guide you could hope for” in her exploration of being a tourist in one’s own home, of how advertising and photography define place, of how antique shops function as populist museums, and of the commodification of indigenous cultures. With her characteristic breadth and critical eye, Lippard discusses the political economies of leisure spaces, the tourist’s fascination with tragic destinations (such as the sites of massacres and nuclear weapons tests, or Holocaust memorials), and our willingness to let national parks and heritage sites define nature and history.


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