The New American Crisis

Radical Analyses of the Problems Facing America Today

America’s leading progressive thinkers consider what is possible in the current conservative climate

“The Open Magazine Pamphlet Series brings together some of the smartest, most eloquent, dissident voices in America—and the result is powerful enough to jolt even a coach potato into action.” —Barbara Ehrenreich

Based on the acclaimed Open Magazine Pamphlet Series, The New American Crisis is a call to action amid inertia. Featuring some of America’s leading activists and progressive thinkers, these candid, trenchant essays and interviews address the key issues we face in the United States, and offer radical solutions otherwise unheard amid the current conservative political climate.

Contributors include:

  • Tom Athanasiou
  • Jeremy Brecher
  • Noam Chomsky
  • Marc Cooper
  • Kristin Dawkins
  • David Dellinger
  • Tom Frank
  • bell hooks
  • Harvey J. Kaye
  • Nancy C. Kranich
  • Winona Laduke
  • Manning Marable
  • Seymour Melman
  • Dave Mulcahey
  • Laura Powers
  • Joel Rogers
  • Herbert I. Schiller
  • Juliet Schor
  • Cornel West
  • The Zapatistas
  • Howard Zinn


“Dissident essays [that] inform and empower.”
Utne Reader
“The Open Magazine Pamphlet Series is an operation out to change the world.”
The New York Times
“Information and analysis the empire would just as soon suppress.”
Village Voice

Books by these authors

Open Fire
The Open Magazine Pamphlet Series Anthology

Greg Ruggiero, Stuart Sahulka

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