The Making of the Soviet System

Essays in the Social History of Interwar Russia

The classic study of Russian society and government

“This is a rich collection . . . by one of the world’s foremost specialists in Soviet history and society” —Paul Avrich, Queens College

In this now-classic book, Moshe Lewin traces the transformation of Russian society and the Russian political system in the period between the two world wars, a transformation that was to lead to Stalinism in the 1930s. Lewin focuses on the changes stemming from war, revolution, civil war, and industrialization, and he discusses such topics as rural society and religion in the twentieth century; the background of Soviet collectivization; Soviet prewar policies of agricultural procurement; the kolkhoz and the muzhik; Leninism and Bolshevism; industrial relations during the five-year plans of 1928–1941; and the social background of Stalinism. Through this comprehensive approach to understanding the origins and problems of Stalinism, Lewin makes a significant contribution to the study of Russia’s social history before the revolution as well as in the Soviet period.

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