Jane Fonda’s Words of Politics and Passion

An inspiring look at the politics of a generation through the words of one of the most iconic women of our time—illuminating thirty-five years of activism in the United States

“An eloquent collection. What a challenge Fonda gives us, and how profound coming from someone who is not only a risk-taker but a rule-breaker—a great feminist icon but also an extremely vulnerable human being.” —Patricia Bosworth, author of Jane Fonda: Her Life and Times

Jane Fonda’s Words of Politics and Passion collects Fonda’s most stirring public statements from 1970 through 2005, in speeches, interviews, and articles from over thirty years of tireless campaigning against war and militarism and on behalf of women’s rights, women’s health, feminism, and the environment. Historian Mary Hershberger “has unearthed a treasure trove,” according to Ms. magazine. “Whether discussing peace, feminism or girls’ empowerment, [Fonda] is thoughtful, courageous and always committed to the betterment of others.”

In 1970, at the height of an award-winning acting career, Jane Fonda took a sharp turn into politics. She would go on to play an influential role in the anti–Vietnam War movement and in nearly every subsequent movement for social justice in the United States.

Hershberger has culled Fonda’s words from a range of little-known and previously inaccessible sources, including the declassified FBI files obtained by Fonda herself in a federal lawsuit, and from antiwar movement archives that have never been made available to a general public.

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