Immigration Matters

Movements, Visions, and Strategies for a Progressive Future

A provocative, long-term plan for a humane immigration system from the nation’s leading immigration scholars and activists

“Right now is a moment, and an opportunity, where we can finally bring our policy in accordance to reality, the reality of our broken immigration system.” —Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Donald Trump won the presidency in large part by inflaming fears that the nation’s woes are tied to uncontrolled immigration. Since then, the immigrant rights movement has been forced into a defensive posture, preoccupied with each crisis the Trump administration creates, and advocates have not had the opportunity to consider questions of long-term policy or future strategy. The time is ripe for a new, actionable vision for immigration policy.

Immigration Matters brings together key movement leaders and academics in the immigration space to share cutting-edge approaches to the question of America’s borders—who should be allowed in, and who, if anyone, should be kept out. The book delves into topics including new ways to frame immigration issues, fresh thinking on key aspects of policy, challenges of integration, workers’ rights, family unification, legalization, paths to citizenship, and humane enforcement.

The perfect handbook for immigration activists, scholars, policy makers, and anyone who cares about one of the most contentious issues of our age, Immigration Matters makes accessible an immigration policy that both remediates the harm done to immigrant workers and communities under Trump and advances a bold new vision for the future.