Hitler’s Exiles

Personal Stories of the Flight from Nazi Germany to America
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A 1998 Los Angeles Times Book of the Year, Hitler’s Exiles is a panoramic, first-person account of the flight from Hitler’s Germany to America. From forgotten archives and obscure published sources, Hitler’s Exiles brings to life the unknown voices of that harrowing time by focusing on the ordinary people who underwent a most extraordinary voyage. Also included are little-known writings by such major figures as Thomas Mann, Hannah Arendt, and Bertolt Brecht. Hitler’s Exiles is at once a moving human account and a new classic of the literature of exile.


“Vivid and moving. . . . A stunning and varied portrait.”
—Richard Eder, Los Angeles Times Book Review
“A vibrant, affecting collection. . . . A fascinating portrait of lives left behind and recreated.”
Kirkus Reviews
“Fascinating, important, and heartrending. . . . A chronicle not only of the painful and perilous journey made in time of war and repression from Germany to the United States, but of the process of becoming Americans.”
—David Rieff
“Exciting, insightful, varied and poignant. . . . These firsthand accounts. . . . reveal what it was like to leave everything behind, to risk the uncertainty of escape and exile, and to start afresh in a new language and in a new country. ”
Jewish Book World

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