Growing Up Gay/Growing Up Lesbian

A Literary Anthology
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An award-winning collection of over fifty gay and lesbian coming-of-age stories

“A great boon to young people coming to grips with their sexuality . . . a sensitive compilation of some of the best literary materials available.” —Martin Duberman

Growing up Gay, Growing up Lesbian is the first literary anthology geared specifically to gay and lesbian youth. It includes more than fifty coming-of-age stories by established writers and teenagers and has been hailed by writers, educators, activists, booksellers, and the press as an essential resource for young people—and not-so-young people—seeking to understand the gay and lesbian experience. The anthology includes selections by James Baldwin, Rita Mae Brown, David Leavitt, Jeanette Winterson, Audre Lorde, and others.

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“A remarkable resource filled with poignant, eye-opening, and very funny pieces that will inspire and affirm without ever preaching or becoming heavy-handed.”
—Dr. Virginia Uribe, founder, Project 10

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As this month’s Supreme Court Masterpiece Cakeshop decision reminds us, the struggle for first-class citizenship and equality continues.

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