Global Muckraking

100 Years of Investigative Journalism from Around the World
Edited by:

Selected by today’s leading journalists, the gems of muckraking journalism from Britain to Burma

“The foreign correspondent is frequently the only means of getting an important story told, or of drawing the world’s attention to disasters in the making or being covered up.” —Chinua Achebe

Crusading journalists from Sinclair Lewis to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein have played a central role in American politics: checking abuses of power, revealing corporate misdeeds, and exposing government corruption. Muckraking journalism is part and parcel of American democracy. But how many people know about the role that muckraking has played around the world?

This groundbreaking new book presents the most important examples of world-changing journalism, spanning one hundred years of history and every continent. Carefully curated by prominent international journalists working in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East, Global Muckraking includes Ken Saro-Wiwa’s defense of the Ogoni people in the Niger Delta; Horacio Verbitsky’s uncovering of the gruesome disappearance of political detainees in Argentina; Gareth Jones’s coverage of the Ukraine famine of 1932–33; missionary newspapers’ coverage of Chinese foot binding in the nineteenth century; Dwarkanath Ganguli’s exposé of the British “coolie” trade in nineteenth-century Assam, India; and many others.

Edited by the noted author and journalist Anya Schiffrin, Global Muckraking is a sweeping introduction to international journalism that has galvanized the world’s attention. In an era when human rights are in the spotlight and the fate of newspapers hangs in the balance, here is both a riveting read and a sweeping argument for why the world needs long-form investigative reporting.


“The incredible amount of work that Schiffrin put into the selection of the articles and those who explain them makes this a top-notch anthology of significant journalism.”
Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
“Schiffrin’s impressive survey of the crusading media is essential for those concerned with the business of news and its bold history of courageous messengers.”
Publishers Weekly

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Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews describes Anya Schiffrin's collection as a "top-notch anthology of significant journalism" in their starred review.

Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly calls Global Muckraking "...essential for those concerned with the business of news and its bold history of courageous messengers."

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