A Kurt Wallander Mystery

The eighth book in the “exquisite” (Los Angeles Times Book Review) and internationally bestselling Kurt Wallander series

“For me, Henning Mankell is by far the best writer of police mysteries today. He is in the great tradition of those whose works transcend their chosen genre to become thrilling and moral literature.” —Michael Ondaatje

Ystad, Sweden. A man stops at an ATM during his evening walk and inexplicably falls dead to the ground.

Two teenage girls brutally murder a taxi driver. They are quickly apprehended, shocking local policemen with their complete lack of remorse. One girl escapes police custody and disappears without a trace.

A few days later a blackout cuts power to a large swath of the country. When a serviceman arrives at the malfunctioning power substation, he makes a grisly discovery.

Inspector Kurt Wallander knows these events must be linked, but he has to figure out how and why. His endeavors are made all the more difficult when he discovers personal and professional betrayals within his own team. Lonely and frustrated, he begins to doubt the worth of continuing his work as a detective.

The search for answers eventually leads Wallander dangerously close to a shadowy group of anarchic terrorists, hidden by the anonymity of cyberspace. Somehow, these criminals always seem to know the police’s next move. How can a small group of detectives unravel a plot designed to wreak havoc on a worldwide scale? And will they solve the riddle in time?

Firewall, the eighth book in Henning Mankell’s critically acclaimed and internationally bestselling series, is a thrilling police procedural about our increasing vulnerability in the modern digitized world.



“Wonderful! [A] police procedural with personal texture.”
—Associated Press
Los Angeles Times Book Review
“Mr. Mankell’s willingness to think things through from another person’s perspective is part of what makes his novels so satisfying. And his Sweden—cold, isolated and brimming with disappointment—is as intriguing a landscape as Raymond Chandler’s sinister Los Angeles or Charles Willeford’s overheated Miami.”
The Wall Street Journal
“Henning Mankell’s Inspector Wallander has established himself as one of the best of recent detectives.”
The Times Literary Supplement
“Remember Kurt Wallander.”
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