Economics for the Rest of Us

Debunking the Science That Makes Life Dismal

The Independent Publisher Association’s Gold Medal Winner, a book that David Cay Johnston called “a brilliant eye-opener” because it turns the conventional wisdom about economics upside down

“Masterful. This delightful and entertaining book is for anyone who has ever puzzled over how economics as a discipline could have become so divorced from any real understanding of the economy.” —Elaine Bernard, executive director, Labor & Worklife Program at Harvard Law School

“As entertaining as it is thought provoking” (Publishers Weekly), Economics for the Rest of Us shows how today’s dominant economic theories evolved, how they explicitly favor the rich over the poor, and why they’re not the only—or best—options.

At a time when growing numbers of people are deeply anxious about the workings of our economy—and when our very future as a society is up for grabs—economist Moshe Adler offers a lively and accessible debunking of two elements that make economics the “science” of the rich: the definition of what is efficient and the theory of how wages are determined. Filled with lively examples, from food riots in Indonesia to the eminent domain in Connecticut and everyone from Adam Smith to Jeremy Bentham to Larry Summers, here is a bold and important book that offers a foundation for a fundamentally more just economic system.


“Thoughtful arguments. . . .This excellent book will add a controversial perspective on critical issues of our time.”
“ [An] invigorating new read . . .with entertaining examples.”
Too Much
“Highly recommended. . . . A stimulating introduction to contested economic theory.”
“Reminds us of a basic, humbling fact that’s been forgotten in our market-obsessed world: there is really no such thing as “the economy,” there are only people.”
—Eric Laursen, co-author of Understanding the Crash

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