Culture on the Brink

Ideologies of Technology: Discussions in Contemporary Culture #9

Culture on the Brink contains the best collection of advanced and stimulating essays on the meaning of technology now available.” —Neil Postman, author of Technopoly

With contributions by:

  • Laurie Anderson
  • Stanley Aronowitz
  • Gretchen Bender
  • Gary Chapman
  • James Der Derian
  • Timothy Druckrey
  • Billy Klüver
  • Les Levidow
  • R.C. Lewontin
  • Joan H. Marks
  • Margaret Morse
  • Simon Penny
  • Kevin Robins
  • Avital Ronell
  • Tricia Rose
  • Andrew Ross
  • Elaine Scarry
  • Herbert I. Schiller
  • Wolfgang Schirmacher
  • Paula A. Treichler
  • Langdon Winner
  • Kathleen Woodward
  • Discussions in Contemporary Culture is an award-winning series co-published with the Dia Center for the Arts in New York City. These volumes offer rich and timely discourses on a broad range of cultural issues and critical theory. The collection covers topics from urban planning to popular culture and literature, and continually attracts a wide and dedicated readership.


    Culture on the Brink is a provocative, finely constructed, and useful contribution to critical debates on the crucial issue of technoculture. It challenges the concept of technological ‘progress’ as natural, necessary, and subject to a kind of biological determinism. In its place, it raises questions and problems related to society’s reappropriation of this complex area of social life. Addressing a wide range of subjects—body, work, artistic practice, food, war, media, entertainment—this collection demonstrates why technology should be a concern for those who share a critical perspective on the future of democracy.”
    —Armand and Michèle Mattelart, Rethinking Media Theory
    Culture on the Brink offers informed and intelligent essays on present an future technoculture. These fascinating essays negotiate the technological revolutions that we now face and work toward changing the course of our cultural and technological future.”
    —Douglas Kellner, George F. Kneller Philosophy of Education Chair, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, UCLA

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