Black Heritage Sites

The South, Volume 2

Winner of a Choice Outstanding Academic Book Award, Black Heritage Sites is a unique guide to the major landmarks of African American history across the United States. The two companion volumes include descriptions and detailed visitor information for hundreds of places of national and local significance, from churches and schools to landmarks of the civil rights movement.


“A unique guide to major landmarks in African American history for travelers, adventurers, and scholars. From the Mickens House in West Palm Beach, Florida, to the Black Heritage Trail in Boston, these often architecturally rare and culturally fascinating sites are certain to prove interesting to people from across the country and around the world.”
—Daphne Muse, editor of The New Press Guide to Multicultural Resources for Young Readers
“This important work will answer many questions that naturally arise as one asks the first question, ‘Who am I and how did I get here?’ In the end, historic preservation of those precious sites can be a powerful tool in the preservation of our collective heritage.”
—Joan Maynard, executive director, Society for the Preservation of Weeksville and Bedford-Stuyvesant History
“I wish I had this book when I toured the country. It’s a great resource and a beautiful book for every home and school.”
—Julie Dash, director of Daughters of the Dust

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