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Breakthrough conversations with one of the “Fifty Most Influential Progressives of the Twentieth Century” (The Nation), in a stunning companion to the Emmy Award–winning PBS® series

“Bill Moyers has been and remains an essential voice in our national conversation.” —Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor, NBC Nightly News

This “provocative” and “absorbing” (Star Tribune) companion book to Bill Moyer’s acclaimed PBS series invites readers into conversations with some of the most captivating voices on the scene today, in what Kirkus calls “a glittering array of discussions.” From Jon Stewart on politics and media to Michael Pollan on food, The Wire creator David Simon on the mean streets of our cities, James Cone and Shelby Steele on race in the age of Obama, Robert Bly and Nikki Giovanni on the power of poetry, Barbara Ehrenreich on the hard times of working Americans, and Karen Armstrong on faith and compassion, Moyer’s own intelligence and insight match that of his guests and their discussions animate many of the most salient issues of our time.

With extensive commentary from Moyers, marked by his customary “respect, intelligence, curiosity, humor, and graciousness” (Booklist), here are the debates; cultural currents; and, above all, lively minds that shape the conversation of democracy.



“I can think of no journalist, now or at any time across the annals of our past, who has contributed so much to democracy’s dialogue.”
—Michael Copps, FCC commissioner
“In an era of much instant and ephemeral talk, it is a pleasurable thing to hold this ‘book of ideas.’”
Publishers Weekly
“[Moyers] has always been about something beyond the moment. Or put another way, while everyone else in the media has been exploring topography, Moyers has been exploring geology.”
—Neal Gabler, the Los Angeles Times
“Perhaps the finest interviewer alive today. ”
The Star Tribune

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