The Absolute Perfection of Crime

A Novel

An explosive crime novel with all the tough grittiness of film noir

“A ‘roman noir’ that dynamites the genre.” —Elle

In The Absolute Perfection of Crime, a self-styled “family” of burned-out crooks living in a small French seaside town are forced into action when family member Marin returns to the fold after a stint in prison. Reasserting his control with easy confidence, Marin marshals the men (including the novel’s wary narrator) into planning one last magnificent heist—an imaginative and brazen hold-up of the local casino—promising everyone involved that it will be “the absolute perfection of crime.” But human weakness has always undone even the best promises of perfection; and even within a family, where loyalty has the highest value, betrayal always remains a possibility.

Author Tanguy Viel has created in The Absolute Perfection of Crime a visceral and totally singular style as cinematic as it is literary, writing in a staccato yet strangely lyrical manner. With flashes of black humor and a deadpan—and dead-set—attitude toward revenge, the narrator tells his brisk story with all the originality, the toughness, the surprises that one would expect if the novel were transformed into a black-and-white noir film—indeed, the book is an homage to that genre. Both a running monologue of payback and a thrilling, fast-paced crime caper, The Absolute Perfection of Crime is an undeniably unique American debut.



“A remarkable success. Revisiting the mythology of the gangster film, this action novel succeeds in carrying the script of a B movie to the heights of tragedy.”
Le Figaro
“A ‘roman noir’ that dynamites the genre.”

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