Rita Goldberg

Born in Basel in 1949, Rita Goldberg grew up mostly in the United States with two early years in Germany, where her father was a U.S. Army psychiatrist. She taught literature at Essex and Cambridge Universities in England for nearly ten years, went on to teach at MIT, and is now a lecturer in comparative literature at Harvard University. She and her husband have two sons and two grandsons and live near Boston, Massachusetts. Goldberg is the author of Motherland: Growing Up with the Holocaust (The New Press).

News and Reviews

The New York Times

The New York Times reviews Motherland: "At the heart of this engrossing memoir is her mother...The extraordinary tale is heroic. It strikes the reader as thoroughly romantic, even cinematic."


Kirkus Reviews says: "Goldberg writes eloquently of the 'volcanic pressures' that shaped her family’s story and continue to haunt her own."

Books by Rita Goldberg

Growing Up with the Holocaust

Rita Goldberg