Marc Mauer

Winner, Helen L. Buttenweiser Award
Winner, Donald Cressey Award
Winner, Alfred R. Lindesmith Award
Winner, Maud Booth Correctional Services Award
Winner, John Augustus Award
Winner, Margaret Mead Award
Winner, Inside/Out Summit Award

Marc Mauer is the executive director of The Sentencing Project, a national organization based in Washington, D.C., that promotes criminal justice reform. Mauer is one of the country’s leading experts on sentencing policy, race, and the criminal justice system. He has directed programs on criminal justice policy reform for thirty years and is the author of some of the most widely cited reports and publications in the field. Race to Incarcerate (The New Press), Mauer’s groundbreaking book on how sentencing policies led to the explosive expansion of the U.S. prison population, was a semifinalist for the Robert F. Kennedy Book Award in 1999; a graphic adaptation by Sabrina Jones was published by The New Press in 2013. Mauer is a co-editor, with Meda Chesney-Lind, of Invisible Punishment: The Collateral Consequences of Mass Imprisonment (The New Press). He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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