Laura Rogers

Laura Rogers is a senior lecturer and co-director of the School Psychology Program in Tufts University’s Department of Education. She has served as the school psychologist and special education administrator in the Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School, a school she helped found. Rogers has worked as a clinician in a variety of settings—including in private practice, prisons, a health clinic, and a child-guidance clinic—in Massachusetts; Connecticut; and Kathmandu, Nepal. She teaches courses in adolescent development, serving children with special needs, cognitive assessment, social and emotional assessment, and learning disabilities. Rogers is a co-author, with Kathleen Cushman, of Fires in the Middle School Bathroom: Advice for Teachers from Middle Schoolers (The New Press). She lives in Harvard, Massachusetts.

Books by Laura Rogers

Fires in the Middle School Bathroom
Advice for Teachers from Middle Schoolers

Kathleen Cushman, Laura Rogers