John Nichols

John Nichols is The Nation’s national affairs correspondent, the associate editor of the Capital Times, and a co-founder of the national media reform organization Free Press. He is the author of The Rise and Rise of Richard B. Cheney, The Genius of Impreachment, and Jews for Buchanan, as well as the co-author of Tragedy and Farce (all published by The New Press). He lives in Madison, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C.

Books by John Nichols

The Genius of Impeachment
The Founders’ Cure for Royalism

John Nichols

Jews for Buchanan
Did You Hear the One About the Theft of the American Presidency?

John Nichols

The Rise and Rise of Richard B. Cheney
Unlocking the Mysteries of the Most Powerful Vice President in American History

John Nichols

Tragedy and Farce
How the American Media Sell Wars, Spin Elections, and Destroy Democracy

John Nichols, Robert W. McChesney

John Nichols | The New Press


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