Eric R. Kingson

Eric Kingson, a professor of social work at Syracuse University, is a co-author, with Nancy Altman, of Social Security Works! (The New Press). Altman and Kingson served as staff advisers to the 1982 National Commission on Social Security Reform and were founding board members of the National Academy of Social Insurance. They founded Social Security Works in 2010 and co-chair the Strengthen Social Security Coalition. Kingson lives in Manlius, New York.

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The New York Review of Books

In its discussion on social security, The New York Review of Books calls Nancy Altman and Eric Kingson's Social Security Works! "responsibly calculated but optimistic."

Books by Eric R. Kingson

Social Security Works for Everyone!
Protecting and Expanding America’s Most Popular Social Program

Nancy J. Altman, Eric R. Kingson