World History/WWII

Postwar French Thought, Volume III

Nicole Loraux, Gregory Nagy, Laura Slatkin

The Essential E.P.Thompson

E.P. Thompson, Dorothy Thompson


Eric Hobsbawm

Hitler’s Exiles
Personal Stories of the Flight from Nazi Germany to America

Mark M. Anderson

War of the Century
When Hitler Fought Stalin

Laurence Rees

The German Army and Genocide
Crimes Against War Prisoners, Jews, and Other Civilians, 1939–1944

Hamburg Institute for Social Research

Industry and Empire
The Birth of the Industrial Revolution

Eric Hobsbawm

Uncommon People
Resistance, Rebellion, and Jazz

Eric Hobsbawm

Universities and Empire
Money and Politics in the Social Sciences During the Cold War

Christopher Simpson

The Romantics
England in a Revolutionary Age

E.P. Thompson

The French and Their Revolution
Selected Writings

Richard Cobb, David Gilmour

Rebellion in Chiapas
An Historical Reader

John Womack Jr.

Bay of Pigs Declassified
The Secret CIA Report on the Invasion of Cuba

Peter Kornbluh

On History

Eric Hobsbawm

France Under the Germans
Collaboration and Compromise

Philippe Burrin