Until We Reckon: Danielle Sered & Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez
September 24, 2019
- 6:00pm - 8:00pm
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
524 West 59th Street, L.61,
New York NY

Imagine a society in which we can both center the needs of crime survivors and hold those responsible for harm accountable for their actions, all without incarceration. Imagine that something else is possible.

Until We Reckon takes a clear eyed look at the question of violence, and offers approaches that can help both end mass incarceration and increase safety. Danielle Sered, executive director of Common Justice, argues that the needs of survivors of violent crime are better met by asking those who commit violence to accept responsibility for their actions and make meaningful amends—something that does not happen in the context of a criminal trial or a prison sentence. She underscores the power of survivor-focused alternatives, and shows how people can change when held to account. Until We Reckon is thus not just an exposé of shortcomings of the criminal justice system. It is a deeply felt reckoning with our human desire to heal and how we can make it possible.

Danielle Sered will be joined in conversation by Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, who since his appointment, has implemented numerous trailblazing initiatives to ensure fairness and equal justice for all.

The Program Room opens at 6 PM.