Lenore Anderson on In Their Names at Busboys and Poets

April 27, 2023
- 7:00 pm ET
Busboys and Poets
450 K St NW,
Washington DC

Join Busboys and Poets at their 450K location for a discussion about justice, public safety, and In Their Names with author Lenore Anderson, Aswad Thomas, Ingrid Archie, and Patrice Sulton.

In In Their Names, Lenore Anderson, founder and president of one of the nation’s largest justice reform advocacy organizations, offers a close look at how the political call to help victims in the 1980s morphed into a demand for bigger bureaucracies and more incarceration, and cemented the long- standing chasm that exists between most victims and the justice system. She argues that the powerful myth that mass incarceration benefits victims obscures recognition of what most victims actually need, including addressing trauma, which is a leading cause of subsequent violent crime. A solutions-oriented, paradigm-shifting book, In Their Names argues persuasively for closing the gap between our public safety systems and crime survivors.

About the participants:
Lenore Anderson is the founder and president of the Alliance for Safety and Justice and the author of In Their Names: The Untold Story of Victims’ Rights, Mass Incarceration, and the Future of Public Safety. She lives in Oakland, California.
Ingrid Archie serves as the organizing director of TimeDone, a program of Alliance for Safety and Justice that creates societal change by removing barriers from prior convictions. She was born and raised in Los Angeles and a mother of six. Having been impacted by violence and incarceration her whole life, Ingrid became a community organizer and civic engagement specialist.
Aswad Thomas is vice-president of Alliance for Safety and Justice and the national director of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice. He is the author of the children's book The Stars Represent You and Me.
Patrice Sulton is the executive director of DC Justice Lab. She is an attorney, criminal justice reform advocate, community organizer and law school professor who is powering a movement to fundamentally transform the criminal justice system in Washington D.C., which has one of the highest incarceration rates in the country.