By: dondi
March 28, 2018

Bernice Yeung is an award-winning journalist for Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting covering race, gender, and issues related to . . .

Mercy Is Possible, Even in Texas
By: dondi
March 15, 2018

Dear Fearless Reader,

The New Press Remembers Vicki L. Eaklor
By: dondi
March 13, 2018

VICKI L. EAKLOR (1954-2018)

Michelle Alexander, Future Lion of New York
By: dondi
February 20, 2018

Future Lions of New York [February 16, 2018 - New York Times] Since the legendary chaos of 1970s and ’80s, New . . .

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Rowan Moore Gerety
By: dondi
February 15, 2018

The New Press is excited to introduce Miami-based Rowan Moore Gerety, author of Go Tell the Crocodiles: Chasing Prosperity in Mozambique. . . .

The New Press Remembers Gene Sharp
By: dondi
February 7, 2018

GENE SHARP (1928 - 2018)

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Natalie Hopkinson
By: dondi
January 23, 2018

“Natalie Hopkinson has an established reputation as one of the most sophisticated commentators on contemporary black culture.” —Mark . . .

Becoming Ms. Burton in Prisons and Jails, Wins Multiple Awards
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January 18, 2018

With major philanthropic support, The New Press has undertaken a collaborative effort with the re-entry program created and run by Susan Burton to . . .

Controversial New Jim Crow Ban Lifted
By: dondi
January 18, 2018

The ACLU of New Jersey Successfully Challenges the New Jersey Correctional System’s Ban on Access to The New Jim Crow, Michelle . . .

Age of Dignity Author with Meryl Streep at Golden Globes
By: dondi
January 11, 2018

Ai-Jen Poo, the executive director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance and author of The Age of Dignity: Preparing for the . . .

2017 Social Justice Awards Night Highlights
By: dondi
December 20, 2017

. . .

Untold Stories of Northern Slavery Shine in New York Times Review
By: dondi
December 19, 2017