By: chelsea
August 30, 2018

In honor of Labor Day, we sit down with Erik Loomis (author of A History of America . . .

What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape Reader's Group Guide
By: emma
August 27, 2018

The New Press is pleased to share a . . .

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Stéphane Hénaut and Jeni Mitchell
By: dondi
August 23, 2018
Art Versus Equality
By: dondi
June 11, 2018

. . .

LGBTQ Stats on Masterpiece Cakeshop Decision
By: dondi
June 11, 2018

As this month’s Supreme Court Masterpiece Cakeshop decision reminds us, the struggle for first-class citizenship and equality continues . . .

A Meal in Winter Reader's Group Guide

By: dondi
June 6, 2018

The New Press is pleased to share a Reading Group Guide for A Meal in Winter by Hubert Mingarelli.

Pride Photobooks
By: dondi
June 1, 2018

A groundbreaking series of photobooks from The New Press . . .

Over 6,000 Copies of Becoming Ms. Burton Distributed to Women in Prisons and Jails Across the Country
By: dondi
May 10, 2018

As part of its on-going effort to get books into the hands of “intellectually redlined audiences,” The New Press has raised funds for and . . .

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Ethan J. Kytle and Blain Roberts
By: dondi
May 7, 2018

In an era when debates rage over how to treat Civil War monuments and address our country’s racist past, this new book narrows the focus to the . . .

Not a Crime to Be Poor Honored by RFK Awards
By: dondi
May 7, 2018

Peter Edelman and his current New Press book, Not a Crime to Be Poor: The Criminalization of Poverty in America, were recently included . . .

New York Times Bestsellers
By: dondi
May 4, 2018

The New Press has made history – for a second time – having two titles in the New York Times paperback nonfiction bestsellers list, . . .

New Press Authors Michelle Alexander and Sherrilyn Ifill Kick Off Opening Ceremony for Bryan Stevenson’s New Peace and Justice Museum and Memorial
By: dondi
April 30, 2018

The New Jim Crow author Michelle Alexander and Sherrilyn Ifill, co-author with Bryan Stevenson, Loretta Lynch and Tony Thompson of the . . .